What can I say?

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Yes…I was meaning to spend this week giving you more glorious examples of much better and more artistic things to buy this holiday season than the ol’ Walmart crap, but what can I say? My little tea bags seem to be all the rage. Trust me…I am in nooooo way complaining…just not able to assist in the art selections at the moment. Just go to Etsy…you will find something you will like. If you are too lazy to browse their vast variety of goodies…just buy everyone you’ve ever met an Organicneedle tea bag or two. All the cool people are doing it. You do want to be cool, don’t you? 🙂



Tag Carnage

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I would love to know what the USPS does to my packages. Two tags have been broken in transit. Not a happy camper. For obvious reasons, I would prefer not to use plastic bubble wrap to ensure their safety. Also don’t enjoy disappointing customers and having to send out new tags. I sent the last two orders out with the tags sandwiched between two pieces of cereal box cardboard. I did have to use tape to secure the pieces, but it still seems like a less wasteful approach then bubble envelopes. The boxes are a reuse and still recyclable when the piece of tape is removed and light enough to not add to much to the shipment’s financial or carbon cost. If the tags still get destroyed I may have to consider collecting people’s old previously used bubble envelopes and cutting little squares out. It wouldn’t be producing any new plastic, but I’m not sure how people would feel about getting plastic sent to them with their organic reuse product. Any thoughts?
Meet Bongo the USPS Mail Bear



Meet the New and Improved Organic Needle Tea Bag with Tagua Nut Tag

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I am finally ready to put my tea bags up on Etsy after thinking over my test piggies’ comments and making some design tweeks.

*First I made the bag a little larger. It is still small enough to fit nicely in a mug, even a travel mug, but now has a little more room for loading and cleaning. (Thanks Arduous!)

*The second change was I added a small wooden bead over the cording to allow the bag to be cinched closed to prevent any tea leaves from escaping. (Thanks Joilie!)

Price wise I am thinking $4.50 per bag, or 4 for $15. They are actually quite a bit more labor intensive than a regular produce bag.

I am still working on a simple pouch that could hold the bags and some tea. I have some great organic Harmony fabrics that are beautiful and would make for a very nice gift presentation. Trying to keep it simple to keep the cost down. My goal is to make organic gifts practical for any budget. Not always easy.



Organicizing My Tea III: Darjeeling 2nd Flush Makaibari

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How does one describe a good Darjeeling in general? Pure joy? Light, floral…clean…with a really long tangyness that just makes your mouth feel like it has been scrubbed by happy little dental gnomes. This particular organic Darjeeling was typical with a touch more plantiness than usual, but still very clean and refreshing. gnome

For those of you who think you aren’t into tea, I encourage you to check out Tealuxe or your local tea house and order a dozen samples or so. You would be really surprised at the wide variety of tastes. An Assame is about as similar to Darjeeling as coke is to sprite, or scotch is to a Sancerre. I encourage you to think outside the Lipton’s box and try real tea. (Lipton’s is the Boone’s of tea, just to round out the spectrum.)

(Next week I will delve into the exciting world of fruit/tea infusions. And maybe a little green tea action too if you all behave. The tea world is a wild ride, people. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)