Happy Holidays:Hope Santa Gives You Something Better Than What I Got

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I haven’t forgotten about you people. Just have been a flutter with trying to get orders out and dealing with the parade of coodies marching through my house this month. (I am this close to saying screw green cleaning and just bleaching the tuna salad out of the place. Seriously…I’m living in a petri dish.) Plus…the usual 4,000,000 things that fall on the Mama’s side of the holiday to-do list. (In his defense my husband did hang 3 ornaments. That’s about half the holiday work, right ladies? I guess he’s pacing himself. I am sooo totally going to use up all his glue on purpose.) And what does ol’ needle get for all of her awesome efforts? Well it appears Santa has rewarded me with a big ol’ stocking full of bronchitis. So…I would give you the usual big ol’ Ho Ho Ho Happy Holidays deal…but all I can get out is a ho and a half and then I pass out. (I’m sure there is a good dirty joke in there but I’m too dizzy to work it out.) santa
Yes…I’ve used this picture before but who could resist? I’m only superhuman, after all. Happy Holidays Everyone!



Last Minute Sewing Projects

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I’m thinking Harmony fabric scarves people. Harmony makes the most beautiful organic cottons you can imagine…cotton art. I had better stop typing and get my sweet fanny in gear if they will be ready for the holidays. Do you think Santa will put off x-mas for a week or two if I ask really nicely…or promise to never threaten to kick him in the nards again?santa



What can I say?

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Yes…I was meaning to spend this week giving you more glorious examples of much better and more artistic things to buy this holiday season than the ol’ Walmart crap, but what can I say? My little tea bags seem to be all the rage. Trust me…I am in nooooo way complaining…just not able to assist in the art selections at the moment. Just go to Etsy…you will find something you will like. If you are too lazy to browse their vast variety of goodies…just buy everyone you’ve ever met an Organicneedle tea bag or two. All the cool people are doing it. You do want to be cool, don’t you? 🙂



Artistic Gifts For & From the Twisted

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Do you have friends with sinister senses of humor who would rather have icicles driven through their eye sockets than get yet another smiling Santa on a surf board ornament? Well today is your lucky day. I have for you some great artists with truly unique, dark & oh so enjoyable perspectives.

Check out Oh the Humanity and his many visions of Death’s more causal side. Death Takes a Moment…or…Death Poops

Foliage offers a wonderfully creepy new twist on hand soap.

And who can’t relate to Badbird’s The Blue Bird of Happiness and The Little Red Bird of Crankiness?

Who says the holidays need to be sacrin? Respect the twisted and get them something they will actually appreciate AND support creative minds. Maybe then you would stop finding those flaming bags of yule log in front of your house the day after Christmas. Handing out plastic surfing santa ornaments and those pooh bags? Yes, Virginia, there is a connection.



Feed the World Through Art

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Tis the season for giving so why not give a gift that gives back? Today I will feature a few charitable groups or individuals who have found a way to promote great art and a great cause: hunger.

Will Paint for Food is an RI based organization created by local artist Shawn Kenney and Ninecooks. He sells his food inspired paintings and donates a portion of the proceeds to local food banks. Fairly simple concept…but brilliantly good.blueberries

The NYC Foodbank has partnered up with The Lunchbox Fund, an organization trying to feed the impoverished people of Soweto, for a really cool twist on a traditional art auction: celebrity designed lunch boxes. From Dec.11th through the 18th you can bid on line for your favorite lunchbox and support two amazing causes.lunchboxIf you live in the NYC area you can even buy a ticket for the kickoff party on the 11th and hobnob with Michael Stipe and Mario Batali among others.

Doodle for Hunger is another great charity art event that keeps NYC hungry fed. Again…so simple in it’s concept…yet so magnificent in its result. Celebrities are asked to doodle…just doodle. The doodles are auctioned off and the money buys food. It is too late to bid on this year’s contributions, the auction is held in late Oct/early Nov., but it is such a brilliant idea…I had to include it. Do you have any local celebrities who own crayons? I bet you do.doodle

What I love about these organizations is that not only do they do good work, & offer us a chance to be involved, but they also, hopefully, inspire us to see how we can use our own creativity and effort to solve problems that often seem unsolvable. What artistic resources could you use to solve your town’s food bank shortage? How about a kid’s art auction? A charitable concert or dance performance? If you put the word out, I bet you would be surprised to see what talents have been tucked away in the corners of people’s lives just waiting for the right cause to show them off.

If you know of other great art-charity partnerships please be sure to leave a link in the comments to help them out. Charities and artists share one unhappy trait; they are some of the first to suffer the consequences of a tanked economy. If you can, why not give some kick-ass gifts that support real people on so many levels? Or even better yet…make your own art-charity connection and help stock your local pantries shelves for the long lean months sure to come.



Shop Eco Etsy for Amazing Unique Gifts that Satisfy Your Ecodorkitude

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Today I will be featuring some of my favorite creators from a group I recently joined over on Etsy called Eco Etsy.

I love these little trees made out of recycled paper. Wouldn’t these be perfect for handing out at the office? A hostess gift? Teacher gift? Sjezierrski is even giving a tree to a children’s hospital for each tree you buy! What could be more perfect as an expression of the season?


Looking for some textured art? Check out Greenworks recycled seat belt pieces! These would definately add some interest to any wall.

What kind of girl would I be if I left out jewelry? Check out Polarity’s upcycled lockets. She has over 100 amazing designs…something for everyone on your list. This one spoke to me for some odd reason.

None of these things appeal to you? Don’t give up. There is definately something for everyone on your list. So stop hanging around here and go shopping.

(I’m not completely linked in to Eco Etsy team yet…so if you want any of MY goods you will have to work for it and go straight to organicneedle.)



Save Art From Your Budget Chopping Block!

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While many of us are cutting back on the extras this year, I am going to make a plea to keep ART off the budget chopping block. If the choice is between feeding your kids or buying a new Picasso, the choice should be obvious…even to me. If, however, you intend to spend money this holiday season on some non-essentials, I say get all artsy crafty on your receivers’ tinseled behinds. Good for the giftees, good for you, good for the artists, and in some cases even good for the planet!

This week and next I will be featuring some interesting artists and crafters of various sorts to get your brains out of the big store box. Not to late to include any talent you’ve discovered!

Just think…support THIS.

Or…This. Yet another set of reindeer horns. Which do you think your giftees would rather have? (OK bad question if you have a lot of friends dieing for any opportunity to use the word “horny” in polite conversation.)horns



Ho Ho Hold onto That Packaging and Have Yourself a Merry Green Indoor Yardsale

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Sitting on a pile of goods? Need to make space for the yule tide o’crap about to hit your home?

Selling on Ebay is definately one green way of clearing your clutter before the holidays. Your items will get a second life & are saved from a landfill. A new thing is prevented from having to be born and over packaged. Not to mention all those organic gingerbread men you can buy from your local bakery with the money you make and someone else saves!

Make the sale a little greener by reusing all that extra packaging that is bombarding your door this month. Hell, steal your neighbor’s scraps too while you are at it. I was able to make about a dozen Ebay shipments without using any new packaging except tape. Bubble envelopes and boxes are so easy to reuse. For smaller items I even cut a larger pre-used bubble envelope in half and tape up the edges. Since letting the boxes and packaging materials sit around will just lead to clutter, start preparing your sale now.

P.S. Did I mention buying on ebay also gives you a little green credit. Used over new. Just include a note to the seller that you don’t mind used packaging, in fact, you prefer it. Most will be happy to oblige you, I’m sure. I, for one ,will be using my little Paypal kitty to track down a few things for my boys in an effort to create a little less waste this year. 2nd hand Geo choo-choos and Batman figures all around.

Remember the classic saying: One gal’s junk is another’s cheap stocking stuffer. YOU may be over your MC Hammer obsession, but somewhere out there, in some home, some young man has just purchased his very first pair of ridiculously over sized gold lame genie pants. And in that same home is a mother desperate for two things: the world’s stiffest eggnog to suppress the shame & your old copy of Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ’em.



Carnies Are in Town

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How many green carnies can be crammed into one phone booth? To find out, head on over to the APLS carnival hosted by Burbanmom at The Green Phone Booth.phone booth

Oh…and seriously guys? No one is interested in the toilet greenies?



Cool Green Gifts That Will Hide the Fact That You Are an Eco-Dork

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So…you have tried your hand at knitting only to create the world’s longest bookmark? Your cookies taste like floured soap? And those recycled can mobiles you dreamed of dazzling everyone with…look like recycled cans hanging from a hanger? Don’t give up. There is still a way for you to give uber cool gifts that will still satisfy your inner eco-dork. Give the gift of shared resources. What in the holy holly am I talking about? I’m talking Netflix, Rhapsody, and Gamefly. Maybe an online subscription to the NY Times or Consumer Reports?

Why am I calling these services green? Yes…they do require electricity but they greatly reduce the amount of STUFF being produced in the world. You rent a movie from Netflix and you save a disk, a big ol’ plastic container, and its shrink wrap from ever being born. Rhapsody allows you to listen to whatever your little heart desires with out a plastic case, plastic disc, or the shrink wrap. Game Stop…same thing. On-line magazine subscriptions save a whole lotta trees from doing the nasty dance with a saw. Not to mention the fuel savings by not having to drive to the store or for magazines to ship heavy loads of paper to your recipient’s house.shorts

So if those hand tied lace biking shorts just aren’t going to be ready in time for the holidays…quell the rebellion and give a shared resource a whirl. Trust me, they will go over much better than those compost filled air fresheners you have been crafting.