Add Shade-Grown to Your Green Checklist

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Sunday I took my peeps to the good ol’ Bronx Zoo. Always educational for all. In addition to staring down the Eco Toilet for 20 minutes and excitedly talking about what eats poop, besides the weird kid at the playground, we also visited the recently renovated Madagascar House. There we met a 10×20 foot screen showing footage of the devastating deforestation of the island. 80% of 99% of its land animals’ habitat is gone. Just gone. The evil culprit…the poor farmers trying to make a living. Not so evil, huh?

Well…apparently, I learned, there is a solution…one that we all can be a part of. By supporting shade-grown coffee we can send the message that we are willing to pay a little more to save a whole lot…an entire eco-system to be exact. Shade growing not only keeps the much needed animal habitat, but also lessens soil erosion, requires less pesticides,and lessens the plants’ vulnerability to climate changes. It’s a win-win…as long as the farmers can still make a decent living with less crop output.

Costa Rica has already launched their own shade-growing effort to save their migratory birds’ habitat. Hopefully their success will encourage others that economy and ecology do not have to work against each other. coffee

So send a message to coffee growers around the world that we want them to have fair wages, lessen their chemical output, and keep their lands in tact. Here is a list of resources to find exactly what you are looking for in your morning cup. Demanding little group, aren’t we?

Gosh golly…you know what would go perfectly with your new organic, fair trade, shade-grown coffee? An organic cotton reusable coffee filter, of course. (I am nothing if not subtle.)



Why Yes….Yes I Do Make Reusable Organic Cotton Coffee Filters

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A few weeks back I received an organic cotton distress call from one Beth Terry….AKA Fake Plastic Fish. (Yes I have a special hot line for just such emergencies.) After I was done squealing in delight that SHE was requesting my little needle’s help, I actually bothered to read what her dilemma was. Her need…an organic cotton reusable coffee filter not packaged in plastic. My solution….well…an organic cotton reusable filter not packaged in plastic. Clever, aren’t I? So I set out to create a cone 4 filter…which was lucky because that is just the size I have too. Using the paper cones for pattern fodder, and my little noodle to figure out how best to keep grounds in the bag without it clogging…I was able to create a few demos…with the help of my assistant of course. Good Help is Hard to Find 1

Using myself and Beth as test piggies…we gave them a few weeks trial and guess what…they are pretty darn good if I do say so myself. So…if you too are in need of an organic cotton reusable coffee filter click your little self over to Etsy and pick yourself up a little reusable joy. Heck buy one for everyone you know. I’m getting slick, aren’t I?

🙂 Thanks Beth for the idea, being a test piggie, and for writing nice things about our little project.



Good Help Is So Hard to Find

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An inside look into the vigorous testing each of my designs must endure!

Good Help is Hard to Find 1Good Help is Hard to Find 2

My assistant.