Organicneedle Is Still Here…and Still Sewing

Yes…I have been a lazy blogger. I was hoping the new school year would provide more time to tinker about in my blogosphere…but alas…not the case. Fortunately for Organicneedle, me, and all of you looking for holiday goodies I have managed to keep sewing. So if you are looking for a great gift for the crunchies in your life, head over the Etsy shop and take a gander at my goods.

Reusable 100% organic cotton produce bags, coffee filters, scarves…and even some bears…oh my!  And coming soon…as in this week…exfoliating washcloths and soap savers.

Keep in mind, not only will you be reducing waste by buying reusable products to replace your disposables, supporting the use of ethically and sustainable produced materials, and jumping off the big box bandwagon, you also will be receiving a product that has gone through the toughest inspector imaginable.
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