G Diaper Give Away….Yes…Give Away…As In FREE

We have all done it.  Gotten all excited about a new way of doing things that is going to be soooo much better for the environment.  We make our plan, buy our cool new supplies, and get all jazzed up.  Then reality sets in and the thing you plan just doesn’t work out as smoothly as you wanted.  It happens to all of us. (Hence my giant box of smelly worms.)
But sometimes…it can work out in YOUR favor.  My very good friend was excited when she heard about g diapers.  Seemed like the perfect solution for a very busy, yet trying to be green, lifestyle.  She bought the kit and got ready to change some poop.  Well…she put the kit up on the changing table…and well…that is about as far as it got.  (Her baby is a bit of a squirmer….beautiful…but has the strength of a greased ill tempered orangutan when getting his tushy cleaned. )  Plus, since she has a nanny she loves, she didn’t want to force a change on her too fast. Well..the little stinker outgrew the starter set before it was even opened.  Rather then toss them out she passed on to me to pass them onto you.  So if you have a person in the house who still poops their pants…and whose butt is between 13-28 lbs leave a message and these babies can be yours.
(Image is from g diaper’s website)

2 Responses to “G Diaper Give Away….Yes…Give Away…As In FREE”

  1. Added by Sarah on September 26th, 2009 at 11:56 am

    What a shame that your friend couldn’t get these to work for her.

    I’d love to have these for my soon to be newborn. I’ve heard great things about gdiapers.

  2. Added by organicneedle on October 7th, 2009 at 7:20 am

    All yours!. Send me a mailing address and they will be on their way.

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