Seventh Generation Drawstring Tall Kitchen Bags…Pure Trash

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Wow. This is a whole new level of suck. I know…I know…I always say their products suck. Well..their dishwasher detergent and their laundry detergent do in fact suck. But…up until now, in all fairness, I have been using their recycled TP and their regular recycled 2-ply trash bags with relatively few complaints. Drugstore.com was having a sale on the drawstring bags so I decided to give them a whirl just to spice up my trash life a bit. No wonder they were on sale. I might as well line my garbage can with tissues.
trashbags So what is my big complaint with the trash bags? They are completely non-functional. Out of the 10 we have used guess how many have completely ripped apart? If you guessed 10 you win the grand prize of knowing not to buy these things. Seriously…when you pull the drawstring up it actually rips off the top of the bag. Yes…I said actually rips the top off the bag! You can see how this might compromise its function as an actual trash bag. Now what I can’t figure out is what the hell they are doing to make these bags so crappy. The regular trash bags we have been using from them have 80% recycled content and only have an occasional blow out. These have only 55% recycled content and are so amazingly weak I am afraid to look at one for too long or my stare will penetrate the bag and spill its contents all over my hall.

So…once again…I find myself admiring their purpose…but not pleased with their results.  By all means use their Trash Bags and clean your tush with their paper, but save the drawstring bags for holiday gifts for people you really would enjoy watching spread their garbage from door to curb.  We all celebrate the season in our own special way.

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G Diaper Give Away….Yes…Give Away…As In FREE

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We have all done it.  Gotten all excited about a new way of doing things that is going to be soooo much better for the environment.  We make our plan, buy our cool new supplies, and get all jazzed up.  Then reality sets in and the thing you plan just doesn’t work out as smoothly as you wanted.  It happens to all of us. (Hence my giant box of smelly worms.)
But sometimes…it can work out in YOUR favor.  My very good friend was excited when she heard about g diapers.  Seemed like the perfect solution for a very busy, yet trying to be green, lifestyle.  She bought the kit and got ready to change some poop.  Well…she put the kit up on the changing table…and well…that is about as far as it got.  (Her baby is a bit of a squirmer….beautiful…but has the strength of a greased ill tempered orangutan when getting his tushy cleaned. )  Plus, since she has a nanny she loves, she didn’t want to force a change on her too fast. Well..the little stinker outgrew the starter set before it was even opened.  Rather then toss them out she passed on to me to pass them onto you.  So if you have a person in the house who still poops their pants…and whose butt is between 13-28 lbs leave a message and these babies can be yours.
(Image is from g diaper’s website)



CSA Blues

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Normally I sing the praises of my CSA to anyone who  wants/has to listen.  I even convinced two of my friends to join this year. And wouldn’t ya know it…as soon as I convince people how spectacular it is…we get a bit of a dud season.

This year’s CSA crop has been less than satisfying. Not a lot of stuff….certainly not enough for my little fruit bats. What we are getting is good…but not the staples I rely on for feeding the boys. Almost no broccoli, green beans, salad greens, etc. Now granted, we eat more than the average share of produce. That was one of the motivating factors for joining the CSA. The shares aren’t cheap but in the past they have covered the bulk of the produce I need for the week. This year it didn’t cover even half of what I need to keep the family going. empty pot

Last season we were able to get by on the CSA produce, only buying our favorite traveled indulgences like avocados and bananas.  Honestly, this year, even what we have been getting in abundance isn’t  ideal. All the potatoes, beets and cilantro in the world aren’t going to create a decent primavera.  Nor do my kids want to snack on yams at the playground. ( If that ain’t begging for an atomic wedgie, I don’t know what is. )

But…I guess that is part of the lesson of being a part of a CSA. You experience the highs and lows…just like a real farmer…without having to touch horse poo. The difference for our organic farmer is that because we have all invested in him he won’t go under from one or two bad seasons like many small farmers would. But on the other hand….in terms of my own finances…because the crops have been so low, I am buying a lot more California goods than I would prefer for this season. We will have to seriously consider next year’s sign up. Perhaps we will just have to get more organized about going to the farmers markets around town and still try our best to support local guys. My worry with that is that crazy weekends will mean no market trip…and me buying all imported stuff at the local Stop & Rob. And that not supporting the local organic farm when things aren’t going great will mean not having a local organic farm at all.

So…should I stick it out one more year or pack it in and throw myself into the open market? We are committed for this year. I am even one of the official CSA annoyers. (My official duty is to call people after they do their shift to find out if they were called before their shift and to get them to confess any misdeeds during their shift. It annoys the ever loving f*&k out of people.) Hmmm…I wonder why they picked me for the job? Love to hear from any of you who have wrestled with the CSA question…but for now I need to make a few reeeeeeeeeally irritating calls.

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