Inspiration in a Can

Just returned from Lancaster touring the amusement park and staring at the Amish, as my good friend puts it. A good time was had by all.  Throughout our little journey, I learned 3 very important things.

1. My husband wants to be Amish….minus the religion and hard work aspects.
2. PA has way too many white people.
3. The Amish can can the bejeebies out of anything. Eggs. Fruits. Veggies. Pie mixes. Soup mixes. Meat. Sauces. Individual freedoms. Jar it all up and slap it on a shelf. They even had cheesecake in a jar, people. And the tricksters let you taste everything….knowing full well you will be driving away in your devil’s wagon with a few dozen jars in your sinfully idle little hands.
weird al
But what I took away most was a little much needed inspiration. I now have all the canning supplies I need to prepare my own concoctions…but have yet to actually get started. Letting my munchkins taste literally hundreds of goodies gave me a good idea of what yummies would be worth my considerable efforts.  In the interest of canning science research, we all sampled ourselves into the next pant sizes. Apple butter was a big hit…and apparently narcoleptic cat easy to prepare without a ton of sugar. Pickled mustard eggs…not so much. And all those tomatoes I have coming to me? Salsa! My husband sampled himself sick on all the great spicy combinations of pepper and tomato. Who would have thought the Amish would like it so hot? So besides giving me a tremendous appreciation for the ability to wear a tank top on an 80 degree day, they have also given me a little appreciation for the simple things…like squashed fruit in a jar.

Now I must go order those little sealy lids…. and break it to my husband, who has never actually lived in the country, come face to face with a horse, or gone an entire day in the past 10 years without the use of the internet, that he does not actually have what it takes to be Amish. Just call me the dream crusher.

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  1. Added by Beany on August 5th, 2009 at 1:33 pm

    You forgot to mention how indescribably cute the Amish kids are. Although I do not pinch cheeks out of empathy, these kids do have pinchable cheeks!

    And cheesecake in a can? I had no idea that was possible.

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