Beware:NYC Worms Released/ A Tale of Vermi-Failure

Remember all my flap about the trials and tribulations of raising worms… about saving them against all vermi-odds?  Well…it’s all over.  Here’s the poop.  We ordered the nematodes and waited.  2 days went by, which was the amount of time we were told it takes to get the little fly eaters here.  Nothing.  Meanwhile the fungus gnats were taking over our bathroom and turning my normally pleasant husband into 25 lbs of cranky in a 5 lb bag.  Another 2 days goes by…and he and the gnats are unf**kingbearable.  I contact the company and am painfully informed that they can’t make a shipment until the 16th…which is during the week we will be happily in the woods dealing with deer ticks. (We like to change up our pest control issues from time to time to keep it fresh.)  So…I try to make the best of it and take another tip from Bentley and start to harvest the bin.  10 worms, people.  10.  That’s right…10.  I just ordered $30 of Nematodes to save 10 measly worms.  So…I canceled my order and decided to give my worms a big basket of freedom for Easter.  I will release the little guys into my Aunt’s compost and hope they can find the warmth they need.  I am not particularly hopeful for the lazy little guys…but seriously cannot watch my husband spend another evening wielding the vacuum in the air like a madman.  It’s really not as much of a turn on as one might think.

Now…I do not discourage anyone from trying vermicomposting.  We all learned a ton over the past year…like how many flies per square inch it takes to make my husband lose his sanity.  The boys learned about reducing waste, ecosystems, and the amazing role of worms in the world.  In fact, if ever we have a proper space for it, like a patio or a garage I will certainly try it again.  Or..maybe after we have all emotionally healed from this experience…and I clean the fly guts out of my vacuum we may try a nifty prebuilt system, like the Worm Inn , instead of our somewhat flawed home jobby.

worm in glass

So here’s to you my final 10. May your path be rich with banana peals and tomato skins.  And may your wriggle be faster than the robin’s…or at least faster than the other 9.

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