Trader Joes Paper Produce Packaging: Keep Complaining…It Works

trader joes Have I mentioned I am falling more and more in love with Trader Joe’s each week?  It is like they actually listen to their customers over there.  First, there was the plastic egg carton issue…which they changed.  They there was the traveling dairy egg and dairy issue…which they changed.  And the latest change?  Remember those awful Styrofoam trays all of their produce was packaged on…they seem to have been replaced with recycled/recyclable paper trays.  Now…it still comes shrink wrapped so we are not talking perfection here, but definitely a significant step in the right direction.  (Would it be great to get naked veggies all year long?  Of course…but here in NY we pretty much get 6 months of naked organics through the farm markets and CSAs and 6 months of traveled organics which usually come packaged.)

I don’t know about you, but this inspires me to bitch and complain even louder!!!!  Maybe this is one of the few positive side effects of an economy in the dumper…companies may actually have to try to please us to get those few moving dollars. So go out there and flap your beaks at stores and companies. Get what you want. Someone may actually be listening.beaks

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