Etsy Lets You Go Local

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etsyThose of you who shop Etsy may already know that they have a great shop local option, but since someone asked about it last post I thought it might be worth highlighting.  Go to their home page, click Buy, and a list of options shows up.  Shop Local is the 5th option down.  Click and away you go.  So now you can support small business, support the material use you want, and keep those carbon feet as tiny as possible.  So have yourself a nice little spree without the guilt.



Burt’s Bees Soap Review: Radiance Exfoliating Body Bar with Royal Jelly & Milk and Shea Butter Body Bar

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In the past I have told you about our love of the Burt man in the shower.  We use the Rosemary Mint Shampoo Bar and were using the Peppermint Shower Bar.  Let’s just say it was all getting a little heavy on the mint around here.  So I started trying some of Burt’s lighter scented soaps.

This one has a really nice light smell, not at all overwhelming and leaved the body feeling very clean and refreshed.  No filminess to it at all.  I did wash my face with it and found it a bit strong and irritating.  All the ingredients are natural but this one has a huge list of plant extracts in it, one of which my face didn’t like.  If you have very sensitive skin or plant allergies, this may not be for you.  Overall I really like it as a body bar and will order it again.

Naturally Nourishing Milk & Shea Butter Body Bar

I really liked this one too.  The scent is so light and soft.  It is ultra creamy, making it good for the body but, again, best left off the face.  Another plus to this one is that it only has 5 ingredients.  Just 5.  I will definitely order this one again too.

Packaging:  Excellent.  Both come in paperboard boxes made with 80% recycled content and are recyclable.  Neither came with any plastic shrink wrapping on the soap or the box.  They are available in 2 packs, saves a little bit more on the packaging.

Price: Okay.  $4.29 for a 4oz bar or $8.49 for 2 bars.  Not insane…not cheap.

As far as the whole local thing…I have been cruising Etsy for a local soap maker, but have yet to find one that makes soaps I want.  (Yes…Etsy does let you shop locally!)  When the weather improves I will cruise the open markets and hopefully make a connection.  For now…while the words witch and tit are in the daily forcast, I shall be ordering my body scrubbies from good ol’ Drugstore.



Art Waste…An Unchartered Green Territory

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Art of all sorts is very important to raising well balanced kids…and a quasi-sane mama.   pig I, therefore, have often turned my big green eye away from any of its less then green aspects. We’ve always been big about using the backs of paper, letters, envelopes, boxes, even paper packing material for drawing and enjoy making musical instruments out of would-be recyclies, but that is about as green as we get in the world of art.  The other day, as I was prying out yet another dried up wad of Play Doh from the heater and tossing it and its respective plastic container in the trash, I thought perhaps it is time to explore some greener options. I did a little research and came up with two very doable and fun greener art options for the little ones.

First…Recycling Crayon Nubs

Now…we don’t seem to end up with a ton of nubs.  My kids are pretty good about using them pretty close to up and then they often fall victim to the vacuum.  The crayons ….not the kids.  But it is still a really cool idea for not only getting a little more wear out of the crayons, but also serves as a really cool art project and science lesson in one. Teensygreen gives detailed instructions for this one.

Homemade Play Doh

Now this is a big saver for us. My 2&1/2 yr old has secret stashes of Play Doh all over the house…which I only find moments after they have hit that awful so-crusty-no-kid-will-use-it point of no return. I found a great collection of recipes on an occupational therapy website. My kids loved making this mock Play Doh. We tried the no cook version and had great success except for the coloring part. I forgot to mix it into the water and tried to kneed it in post dough…but that just colored everyone and everything blue.  Our Blue Period we’ll call it.  You can easily skip the food coloring if your kids will allow it and still have a really cool dough.  Did I mention you can eat it?  Don’t like the way that alien you sculpted is looking at you? Bite its head off.

We’ve made definite progress but there is still one major art supply that adds A LOT of plastic waste to the ol’ garbage: markers. My kids love them and aren’t spectacular about putting the caps back on tightly so many end their walk on this earth depressingly early.  (We are working on the cap issue.)  Yes…they could use crayons or pencils which have greener paths, but they LOVE markers…the vibrancy, the glide, the ability to give each other very convincing mustaches.  Really at a loss with this one.   Anyone have a green marker alternative ideas? I would love any other green art options that anyone has tried.  It has been a long ass winter trapped inside, people…and frankly I’m running out of ideas to keep the little runts from eating each other for fun.



I Snapped

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Couldn’t take it any longer. Walked out of the market with $25 in organic berries. Straight from Mexico. They were so pretty and shiny they made my knees weak.  Soooooooo tasty.
Mexico is local to my continent, no? Now if you’ll excuse me I have some ill-gotten gains on which to glut myself.